• Resisted Nail Head Patterns cotton or silk indifferent colors



    black,navy blue,              med navy,med olive   white, gold,lt blue     black, navy blue,                                                              

    olive green, royal blue     orange, med brown    lt. olive, golden        brown, olive, gold,

    chestnut,dk. gray,            Aztec gold, med         ochre,light gray        ruby red, russet

    brown,purple, fire red     purple

    You chose the textile, then the scarf color {remember most block printed scarves use the medium and the light colors except for purple, royal blue and red}, then the ink color.  When doing a resist you will use the darker colors. I will custom make the scarf you want.  You can add color to resist to make the white areas a color instead of White.

    All of our scarves are hand pot dyed.  They are 36x36" cotton, and 35x35 silk with a hand rolled hem. We try to be as consistent with our dying as possible however because everything is handmade color variation makes them more unique.  These scarves are color fast and can be washed in the washer in the delicate cycle and hung to dry.

    We use a resist that will pull out one color from the scarf. Royal Blue pulls out to Turquoise and turquoise will not resist out. Chartreuse will resist out to pale yellow. Primary colors will resist out more to white. When we do this process it is always a surprise at the end as to exactly what colors we will end up with. We love the different results we get. 

    When choosing a fabric remember that cotton has a flat look whereas silk will have a sheen.