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Virginia's Scarves
block printed scarves and Stockings.

We can cover you from head to toe.

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Contemporary Scarves , Block Printed Goodies and More...

upscale contemporary scarves

This section will show more conservative patterns on the scarves.

These scarves are a little more subdued and come in both the long and square styles.  These dont have wild and crazy designs but will look great in your hair or as a accessory to any outfit.

for the young but retro heart


Do you like the older style of clothing but not to old?  Then these 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's style scarves will suit you to a tee.  Vintage and op-art that might even include a wine bottle or a tea set. You never know what my mind will come up with next.

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maminals and phlants

7x72"black silk scarf that has been resist bloc printed in a whale pattern

Do you like critters, and plants?  these scarves will have both and a variety of vegetables and fruits as well.  Even the sea will come to life with these scarves.  From tie dies to mixed colors and marbled backgrounds.  These scarves will mainly be in the silk variety.

Seasons to remember


Spring, summer,fall and winter are the themes for these scarves.  Even the Holidays get their spot to shine. Snow flakes and falling leaves in a variety of colors and spring flowers will bloom in a myriad of colors and textures. But lets not forget Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving  there will be a scarf for every occasion.

refreshed clothing and other goodies for the unique individual

This is a very nice fitted shirt I Picked up that was gently used so I did a little block printing o

We do more the block printed scarves and silk stockings, in this section you will find individual items of clothing and other fashion accessories that I have bought gently used and brought home and made it into something new. These items will range from clothing to fabric, pillows, and anything that can be made new again. These will always be a one of a kind item.

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Virginias Scarves

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What is Happening at Virginias Scarves

Where our traveling shop will be....


April 25 -28 -2019Fort Frederick state park, Big Pool MD 

May 10-13-2019 Martins Station Va/Wilderness Road State Park

May 24-25 -2019 Spirit of Vincennes , In

June 7 - 8 - 2019 Colonial Market Days Lebanon In

July 4 - 7 - 2019 Old Fort Niagara Fort French and Indian war Youngstown NY

July 12 - 14 - 2019 Jane Austen Louisville, KY

August 30 - Sept 1- 2019 Fair at New Boston Springfield , Oh

Sept 13 - 15 - 2019  Kohkohmah, Russiaville ,In

Oct 11 - 13 - 2019 Mississanawa 1812 Marian, in

Oct 25 - 27 2019 Colonial Market Fair/Locust Grove Louisville, KY


We teach workshops on making a floor in two levels and we also teach a carve and block  a scarf

We love teaching our 3 workshops and are always happy to come to you to teach.  Let us know what you want to learn and we will see if we can work it out.  We have three classes:

1. Level 1 floor cloth class

In this class you will make a 24x30 door mat in black and white and you will learn marbling techniques.

2. Level 2 Floor cloth class

This class lets your imagination go wild and you can create what ever you want in the allowed time in a variety of colors.

3.Carve your own block and print a scarf class.

In this class you will learn how to carve a rubber block of which you get 2 and block print your included scarf.


Some of the products in our store

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Customer reviews

wonderful reviews from customers with many of our scarves. Two of our scarves on two lovely ladies.


Janet K.Verified Reviewer


Golden ochre scarf

Love this scarf! I wear it alot.


Kimberly W.Verified Buyer


The Pompeo Batoni portrait of Francesco Benaglio 1757"

Gorgeous scarf! Exact reproduction of the original in silk with excellent details.






I like the weight of these silk stockings. After several wearing and washings, they still hold their color and shape and are a dream to wear, summer or winter. They're a perfect thickness.

What you want to know about our stock


Everything we make comes to us in its most basic form.  All of the scarves, stockings, silk or cotton come to us white.  We wash everything and then we sort it into groups for dying. This helps keep colors stay truer by batch.  Then we set up the dye pots . One for silk and one for cotton stockings and scarves. Each scarf and stocking is dyed and rinsed until the water is clear. Then we put them into a pot that has a colorfast product in it to help each item maintain their color longer than a regular dye would provide. They are then washed, dried, and ironed. 

 Our boxes come to us as brown paste board boxes. First we will paint and seal the inside of the box to add additional strength and water protection to them, then the marbling process starts.  We must first make two things carrageenan  water which is dried and crushed seaweed added in specific amounts to water and blended. Then you have to wait for 6 or more hours for the bubbles to dissipate. Then we make alum water mix alum into water and  stir. Next we set up the 36x36" tray and  add the carrageenan water to it.  We sponge the alum water onto 36" square pieces of velum paper.

Next we add color to the water and create patterns.  They will be pebbles, feather,parallel, French swirl, Spanish style and many other patterns all of which were used from the 17th century and forward. We lay the paper onto the surface of the water until the pattern shows and then slide it out of the tray. Viola, a new and wonderful piece of art to cover a box no matter the shape.  

Now see the finished products

Whole Sale Opportunities


If you would like more information on carrying some of our items in larger quantities please call us and we will provide you with the information on what we are able to sell on a wholesale basis. Go to the contact us tab on this screen, and Thank you for your interest.

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