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Our company, previously titled "The Virginia Floor Cloth and Textiles Company" has been in business since 1999 as a Colonial wares provider. In 2016 we changed our name to "Virginias Scarves". We provide block printed scarves, stockings and other items that  historians need to finish their kits. Our specialties are 18th century fashion accessories, scarves and silk stockings.  We have decided to put our most popular products on line to share the wares with more of you.  You don't need to be a re-enactor to love what we have so now you can get some of the items that you will never see at a store. We hope that you enjoy the products you will see in our online store and come back often to see what new things we have created for the public.

Hand painted paste box to store important items in.  We make marbled paper and paste it onto the box

We have started making marbled,and painted boxes to carry all your important items

In January of 2018 we began making marbled boxes. We are always searching for those items that you want and then we research, learn about and make them for you.  That is why you should check our site often because you never know what new item you will find.

We are always searching for those accessories that will make your outfit complete from scarves, stocking and gloves. We also make an effort to provide a variety of interesting boxes for you to keep them safe. 

 This is one of our new items. A large paste box that has been covered in paper that was marbled. The pattern is the French swirl. there are the fold paint lines that are done in the spanish style which create wave like lines on the paper.  Check out our other boxes. I am sure you will find one that you can use. 

Reproduction of a painting done in 1757 of Francesco Benaglio by Pompeo Batoni.

We hand make Reproduction scarves

We are always looking for documentation on our products and when we find something that we can reproduce we work very hard to provide you with the best possible reproduction scarf possible , as long as it can be made by hand.

What is Happening at Virginias Scarves

Where our traveling shop will be....

Our next event will be Old Fort Niagara on June 28 through July 1st

Jane Austen Festival at Locust Grove Louisville, KY

Then Old Fort Niagara again on July 26 through the 29 for the 1812 Grand Encampment

August 31 through September 2 for 

The Fair at New Boston in Springfield, OH

Continental Line Event at Mount Harmon, MD on September 15 and 16, 2018


We teach workshops on making a floor in two levels and we also teach a carve and block  a scarf

We now have a site in Louisville Kentucky to teach our workshops.  We will be setting up one workshop at a time .


Some of the products in our store

If you are looking for more than one item they add up so we wanted to make it a little easier on you. If your total is $150.00 or more your shipping is free.

Customer reviews

wonderful reviews from customers with many of our scarves. Two of our scarves on two lovely ladies.


Janet K.Verified Reviewer


Golden ochre scarf

Love this scarf! I wear it alot.


Kimberly W.Verified Buyer


The Pompeo Batoni portrait of Francesco Benaglio 1757"

Gorgeous scarf! Exact reproduction of the original in silk with excellent details.






I like the weight of these silk stockings. After several wearing and washings, they still hold their color and shape and are a dream to wear, summer or winter. They're a perfect thickness.

What you want to know about our stock

Everything we make comes to us in its most basic form.  All of the scarves, stockings, silk or cotton come to us white.  We wash everything and then we sort it into groups for dying. This helps keep colors stay truer by batch.  Then we set up the dye pots . One for silk and one for cotton stockings and scarves. Each scarf and stocking is dyed and rinsed until the water is clear. Then we put them into a pot that has a colorfast product in it to help each item maintain their color longer than a regular dye would provide. They are then washed, dried, and ironed. 

 Our boxes come to us as brown paste board boxes. First we will paint and seal the inside of the box to add additional strength and water protection to them, then the marbling process starts.  We must first make two things carrageenan  water which is dried and crushed seaweed added in specific amounts to water and blended. Then you have to wait for 6 or more hours for the bubbles to dissipate. Then we make alum water mix alum into water and  stir. Next we set up the 36x36" tray and  add the carrageenan water to it.  We sponge the alum water onto 36" square pieces of velum paper.

Next we add color to the water and create patterns.  They will be pebbles, feather,parallel, French swirl, Spanish style and many other patterns all of which were used from the 17th century and forward. We lay the paper onto the surface of the water until the pattern shows and then slide it out of the tray. Viola, a new and wonderful piece of art to cover a box no matter the shape.  

Whole Sale Opportunities

If you would like more information on carrying some of our items in larger quantities please call us and we will provide you with the information on what we are able to sell on a wholesale basis. Go to the contact us tab on this screen, and Thank you for your interest.


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The longest Process Video

Check out this great video...

This is a short video of the steps it takes to block print two blocks and then paint in four different colors on to the scarf. This scarf takes two days to make.

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